Welcome to the UK’s first independent Japanese sake bar, shop & eatery

Moto delivers artisan beverages direct from small yet passionate producers throughout Japan in the heart of London’s Covent Garden

A loving homage to authentic Japanese drinking culture

From sake and shochu to gin and absinthe, stop by Moto to sip your way through stunning craft drinks made only in Japan accompanied by delicious Japanese tapas. Not one of our products have reached the U.K as of yet (including some that have never been exported outside of Japan for that matter) so know you are getting first dibs on some amazing drinks! Plus, if you have a glass of something with us which you love too much to leave behind, you can purchase and take-away any of the beverages on offer. Shipping also available across the U.K! A cheers to that, or how we say cheers in Japan, kanpai! To dive even deeper, get in touch regarding our intimate bespoke tastings and private events.


Why Moto?

The word ‘Moto’ is derived from the Japanese language which has dual meanings. First and foremost when thinking about sake, moto is the name of the fermentation starter, one of the most crucial stages in the sake brewing process. Without the moto there would be no sake, Japan’s most traditional alcoholic beverage and therefore our bar’s drink of choice most widely represented on our menu.

Another meaning for ‘Moto’ can be translated as ‘origin.’ We thought the name fitting as we import our brews directly from the source, thereby showcasing the seasonality and terroir of our drinks in real-time as well as the faces and stories behind every bottle.


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Get in Touch


7 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA

020 8076 9512



With London moving into Tier 4 restrictions, we will be closing our bar from Monday, 21st December until further notice. This includes our takeaway and delivery services, however, orders can still be made through our online bottle shop

To Drink

Have a glimpse into what you can expect from our seasonally changing menu, showcasing brews from artisanal breweries throughout Japan. All available by the glass or by the bottle. Head to Moto for a more expansive list as to what is on offer!


Hailed for years in Taiwan for his craftsmanship, our head bartender brings you an eclectic array of cocktails for the first time in London, only available at Moto. Full list available in store.

To Eat

To further elevate your drinking experience, choose from one of our Moto ‘obento’ meal boxes (i.e. pork, chicken, prawn, vegan, and vegetarian options) or from our ever-changing ‘otsumami,’ or Japanese tapas menu. Please ask one of our staff members for the most optimal food pairing for your beverage of choice!